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Introduction :


GupaJuhe's work takes root in the Yi Jing (Zhou Yi): one of the five Chinese classics about the nature of change.

Passionate about aesthetics and Chinese culture while he was still a student, GupaJuhe takes the Yi Jing as a support to be interpreted and experienced in the pictorial field in all its forms.

According to him, the Yi Jing is like a mandala. From unity to multiplicity, the Yi Jing is the game of Yin and Yang which unfurls like a wave at infinity.

But for the artist, the Yi Jing is more than a matrix to create, it is also a way to restore an ancient knowledge in a contemporary form with a Western vision.

GupaJuhe's work is a subtle mix of past and present. Between novelty and tradition, it seems to be the imprint of a timeless art revisited by the computer tool.

Here, the work of GupaJuhe serves a Chinese philosophical heritage of 5000 years old, which is a non-dogmatic universal model of wisdom.


After a break of about two years, GupaJuhe re-start in 2013 with new series with the inclusion of QR codes, writing Chinese seals and blue of the Ming Dynasty.







About GupaJuhe :


Born the 27th of April 1969, GupaJuhe is a french artist who defines himself as digital painter.

He studied at Ecole Supérieure d'Arts & Médias de Caen (France) from 1988 to 1995.

However it was in 1993 he discovered the Yi Jing and made it the subject of his artistic study. Thereafter the Yi Jing quickly became the source of his work.

Since 2011, he lives and works in Taipei (Republic Of China).